Foodie February: The Feel is Fun, the Food Divine

Twisted Cuisine Kenosha WI Winter Salmon

February is Foodie Month for the blog! Happy dance for me! Its no secret that Steve and I are entering a new stage in our lives the progressive empty nesters&...

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It's Foodie February!

Tilapia at Waterfront Warehouse Kenosha WI

As the self-proclaimed Office Foodie, and the Blog Manager, I am pleased to announce that the month of February will be henceforth known as FOODIE FEBRUARY on the Visit Kenosha blog. In fact, yo...

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Ice Ice Baby - 2017 Edition

Call me crazy, but with the mild winter weve been experiencing lately, Im just a little excited to hear that colder temperatures and maybe even some snow is on the way for the Keno...

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Summer Fun in the Middle of Winter

What do you do when the temperature is in the low 30s and Mother Nature is in a bad mood? Well, if you are one of my kids, we cruise down a water slide, shoot some hoops, toss the volleyball, an...

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Museums: Always Fun but Not Just For Kids

One of the most extraordinary things that I have found in Kenosha is the seemingly endless opportunity for people to get out of their houses and enjoy the city. Whether it is a class, event, or ...

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Photos, photos, and more photos

When youre researching a place to go for vacation, what helps sway you? Perhaps awesome photos?! Here at the Visitors Bureau, we know a thing or two about the importance of good photos. W...

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New Year, New Venues to Explore

One of the best parts of my job is getting to work with our partners the local restaurants, shops, attractions, and organizations that make the Kenosha Area a unique place to visit. Each...

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New Year, New Wilmot

2017 has kicked into high gear here in Kenosha. One of the main winter attractions in our area is Read More

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