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11/22/2017 - Brittany Langham

Fitness Fun in the Kenosha Area - Indoor Recreation Facilities
Fitness Fun in the Kenosha Area - Indoor Recreation Facilities
Fitness Fun in the Kenosha Area - Indoor Recreation Facilities
Fitness Fun in the Kenosha Area - Indoor Recreation Facilities

As the weather gets colder and the days become shorter, it’s obvious that winter is right around the corner. Come this time of year, it is important to stay active and healthy throughout these bitter cold months. Especially with holiday parties and family recipes lurking everywhere! Staying active will help you battle the winter blues, too. It can be a real challenge to work fitness into this time of year, especially if you are traveling. Never fear, though. If you’re in the Kenosha Area, there are plenty of options to help you stay on track.

The Kenosha YMCA offers a variety of indoor activities that are fitness-friendly and fun. Sad you can’t visit the beaches along Lake Michigan? No problem, check out one of the two pools at this facility, or the sauna! Snowy roads preventing you from your daily run? Check out the indoor track for a couple laps in a warm environment. Bummed you can’t shoot hoops or play volleyball in the sunshine? There are courts for that at the Y. Everyone in your family can enjoy being active here, in fact. A rock climbing wall, a full array of workout equipment, and an endless schedule of classes are just the beginning of the offerings here.

In addition, the RecPlex in Pleasant Prairie offers their own spin on fitness and fun. In addition to the standards like a fully-loaded gym, the RecPlex also features an indoor waterpark, racquetball courts, and an ice arena with two full-sized rinks. For those days when you would like to get the whole family out of the house, the RecPlex is your go-to option for a full day of healthy fun.

As someone who has been a member at both facilities over the years, I can personally tell you they each offer their own unique features and amenities. So, if your goal is personal fitness or if you’re just looking for things to do with the family during the winter, both the YMCA and RecPlex pack a punch. Both offer memberships as well as day passes. Take up a kickboxing class and kick the blahs of winter to the curb!

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